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Is professional development important to you? It is to us, too.

We will only be successful if we ensure our employees are motivated, enthusiastic and highly qualified. Professional and personal development are important considerations at Stump-Franki.

Personnel development.

Even once your career at Stump-Franki is successfully underway, we will continue working to support your further development with training and qualification options individually tailored to your field of activity. Our personnel development programme is dedicated to the enhancement and development of both professional skills and personal competencies. 

As part of the PORR Group, we are in a position to offer all our staff a wide range of practical seminars on operational topics and training on communication procedures and personnel management. Certain content is also available online as e-learning courses, in an effort to ensure that you can access this material in all locations. 
We are happy to be your strategic partner in career advancement or along your journey to a management role.