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Management system

Play it safe with Stump-Franki.

A smoothly functioning quality management system is an essential condition for our success. Our integrated quality management system compiles all the relevant standards, guidelines and work procedures and supplies standardised working documents and processes to all company employees. We regularly and consistently use internal and external audits to assess the usage and implementation of the system and the achievement of our corporate objectives.

Our integrated quality management system records every processing stage, from acquisition and execution to the post-processing of the project and use of the building. The input of raw materials and components is reviewed regularly and without fail, as are the processing of materials and installation of prefabricated anchor and pile systems on the construction site. 

The functional capability of our construction works can be expressly confirmed within the framework of the required load tests, performance evaluations and acceptance tests before a project is handed over. In addition, our products and construction performance are subject to constant external monitoring according to the requirements of general building authority approvals and applicable standards. 

ISO 9001 certification incorporates the existing standards. Our daily practical involvement with extremely ambitious foundation and securing projects is characterised by our strong safety awareness. With our good intuitive understanding of the characteristics of a wide variety of building materials and soil types, we can tailor our efforts to best suit the requirements of each supporting structure or building project. 

Stump-Franki has been a part of the PORR Group since 2014. We will be working together to continue improving our quality standards in future.


Our reliability and expertise are confirmed by the following certificates (only available in German):

Die DOB GmbH confirms our qualification PQ-VOB (only available in German) in 15 service areas. This underlines the wide range of our technical possibilities.

Stump-Franki Spezialtiefbau GmbH has developed a number of its own products and procedures, many of which now have general building approval. You can find these under Services.