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This is how special civil engineering works: Explaining video - Diaphragm wall

The diaphragm wall is a technically watertight and robust solution for deep construction pits.

The benefits are:

✅ Cost-saving: no separate outer wall necessary when used as a permanent structure

✅ Secure: deformation-resistant and waterproof

✅ Environmentally friendly: reusable bentonite suspension

On our construction site in Kurfürstenstraße in Berlin, the client wanted an economical, sustainable solution for the construction of a residential and commercial building with an underground car park. The diaphragm wall was ideally suited for these requirements. Economical and safe - whatever the ground conditions. This is how special civil engineering works.

Learn more about the application possibilities, production and benefits of diaphragm walls in the new explanatory video.

You can find more information about Stump-Franki's special civil engineering solutions here.