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Stump-Franki implements pile foundation at heritage-listed TechnoCampus Berlin

From 1930 to 1988, the site of the former Siemens factory in Berlin, Wernerwerk XV, was used for manufacturing generators, transformers, locomotives, turbines and ship propellers. Seven years ago, this former "Siemensstadt" building was transformed into the TechnoCampus Berlin, a new hub for innovative companies. The site is still home to a number of heritage-listed clinker brick buildings, and several modern new builds are to be added, providing office space over a total area of 60,000m². PORR, as general contractor, commissioned Stump-Franki Spezialtiefbau with the specialist civil engineering work at the end of 2019. This comprised the production of a total of 880 Atlas piles for the construction of two new office buildings and a multi-storey parking garage. The work was successfully completed last year.

Retuschiert TechnoCampus beschnitten

Pile foundation at heritage-listed TechnoCampus Berlin.


Sustainable & cost-efficient: no vibrations & minimal disposal costs

The old brick buildings are heritage-listed, which means that they are subject to very high building protection requirements. The terrain also presented a challenge, as parts of the subsoil were contaminated by industrial waste. Special emphasis was therefore placed on a vibration-free foundation concept, using the Atlas system, at an early stage of the planning, as well as the use of full displacement bored piles, which do not extract drill cuttings and thus minimise the costs for the disposal of contaminated soil.