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Construction pits

From partial subsections to complete solutions.

We build construction pits according to the requirements of the planned construction. The choice of shoring type in these projects chiefly depends on the predominating geological conditions, such as strata layers and groundwater levels, the available space and the planning boundary conditions.

With these factors in mind, we create construction pit enclosures as flexible or deformation-resistant shoring systems using separate casting and/or closed construction methods.

We execute the following types of shoring:

  • Soldier pile walls
  • Sheet pile walls
  • Bored pile walls with pile diameters of 60cm to 150cm
  • Diaphragm walls with wall thicknesses of 40cm to 150cm
  • Single-phase cut-off walls with sheet-pile walls or prefabricated components
  • Grout walls
  • Jet grouting walls

If necessary, we can enhance the construction pit walls with support systems and ground sealing systems using

  • Anchors
  • Reinforcement
  • Grouted sealing blankets
  • Unanchored or back-anchored jet grouted walls

In addition to the execution of subsections in construction pit enclosure, we also fabricate construction pits as complete solutions for our clients.