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When security is key.

There are numerous different options for underpinning, a technique used for example in projects where deeper foundations are required for an existing building. In such cases, our specialists place the foundation load arising from the smoothly founded existing building over the underpinning body on a deeper foundation level. 

A classic application is required where a portion of the load-bearing zone is to be removed in the early stages of the excavation works near the existing stabilising structure of the foundations, and the possibility of major settlement or base failure arises. 

The in-situ implementation of foundation structures also falls under the heading of underpinning, where a building requires subsequent deepening or undercutting.

When underpinning techniques are used to strengthen an existing foundation, this may also serve to increase the exterior load-bearing capacity of the existing foundations or to repair damage resulting from unplanned increases in impacts.

Common procedures for underpinning works are:

  • Jet grouting methods
  • Use of small-diameter bored piles
  • Conventional underpinning using underpinning walls as per DIN 4123
  • Fine cement grout injection