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Inspected, tested and permanently monitored.

Our core measurement technology competencies cover both planning and carrying out static and dynamic pile tests. Our dedicated employees put our expertise into action to guarantee optimised pile tests for our internal and external partners. Our tests are based on accepted national standards (Empfehlungen des Arbeitskreises Pfähle, or EA-Pfähle) and customised schemes.

Using our range of steel girders and calibrated presses, we can match the specific requirements for your individual construction project and structure. We carry out static pile tests up to 20 MN and can increase the test load up to 24 MN using load crowns.

We don’t just carry out the pile tests: we can also provide instrumentation, in the form of vibrating wire sensors and fibre optics. We can also carry out long-term monitoring for combined pile-raft foundation.

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Your contact for specialist civil engineering measurement technology.

Dr.-Ing. Arne Kindler Head of Measurement Technology

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