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Customer Benefits

Planning expertise for your specialist civil engineering project

Our services range from the final design stage to building permission applications through to the detailed design phase. We always choose the most appropriate methods for your project in terms of construction pit excavation, deep foundations, subsoil improvement and underpinning.


Security for your construction project

We minimise risks for your construction project through the consistent use of 3D planning. This method allows us to avoid anchor collisions with existing piles, for example.


Reduction of CO2 emissions

Wherever it makes ecological sense, we show alternative foundation concepts, such as the rescheduling of large bored piles to displacement piles. Your advantages: significantly less concrete consumption, no disposal of drill cuttings, less truck transport and a massive reduction in CO2 emissions. Or the groundwater compatible planning of soft gel injection soles with bio soft gel, without the use of cement. An environmentally friendly technology with an improved carbon footprint.