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Grouting . Backfilling

Securely fill every space.

Stabilising grout injections for more difficult subsoil conditions have been included in the Stump-Franki Spezialtiefbau GmbH range of services since the very beginning. This injection technique is widely used for underpinning buildings, rock face preservation and subsoil sealing for barrage dams and construction pits. We also use grout injections for pipe roof systems and controlled building lifting works.

We use mixing plants and injection containers with sophisticated technology to record all the important manufacturing parameters of grout injection works, and these technologies also help with the subsequent computer-assisted evaluation of the project. Depending on the aims of the particular task and the local conditions of the construction site, different substances may be injected. 

For example, we use chemical injections based on a silicate gel for horizontal sealing bases and soil stabilisation. In special cases it may be possible to use special formulas based on bitumen or artificial resin products as the injection medium. Ultra-fine cement may also be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical injections. 

Grouting is often used in works on heritage-listed buildings. At Stump-Franki, we temper and renovate the foundations and brickwork of historic buildings using injection techniques.

Your contacts for grout injections . Backfilling.

Northern Region
Markus Wenke Regional Manager North . Branch Manager
Eastern Region
Patrick Günther Regional Manager East . Branch Manager
Southern Region
Wolfgang Wiesnet Regional Manager South . Branch Manager
Western Region
André Schürmann Regional Manager West . Branch Manager