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Micro piles

Supporting and anchoring.

Micro piles, or pin piles, are also known as small-diameter injection piles, small-diameter piles or composite piles. They are characterised by a small borehole diameter, through which relatively high service loads can be transferred through to the soil using special injection techniques. These piles can be fabricated in very confined spaces.

Both Stump-Franki developments – the Stump-Franki pipe pile system and the Stump-Franki composite pile system – have received national technical approvals from the building authorities. The two procedures perfectly complement our range of functions.

These pile systems can be used to transfer high loads to the subsoil without prestressing. By installing lines for subsequent injections during the fabrication process, we can ensure these subsequent injections are precisely targeted. This also results in an improvement of the high load introduction area in the surrounding soil.

Your contacts for micro piles.

Northern Region
Markus Wenke Regional Manager North . Branch Manager
Eastern Region
Patrick Günther Regional Manager East . Branch Manager
Southern Region
Wolfgang Wiesnet Regional Manager South . Branch Manager
Western Region
André Schürmann Regional Manager West . Branch Manager