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Press pile

Helpful and flexible.


Press piles are particularly useful where subsequent foundation work must be carried out on existing buildings in need of preservation as a result of increased load, settlement or damage to the existing foundations. The piles can be adjusted to lift the building and correct an existing incline or subsidence.


Press piles are fabricated using small, easy-to-handle equipment, meaning this system can be used in very limited space conditions with low clearance. The casing element is inserted hydraulically – without vibration or noise. As the soil is fully displaced, no excavation material needs to be removed and disposed of. Press piles are fabricated in dry conditions without rinse aid.


The dimensioning and fabrication of press piles, or jacked piles, is conducted in accordance with DIN 1054 and DIN EN 12699.

Your contacts for press piles.

Northern Region
Thomas Cramer Competence Centre Foundation Technology
Eastern Region
Patrick Günther Regional Manager East . Branch Manager
Southern Region
Jürgen Christ Head of Acquisition Foundation Technology South
Western Region
André Schürmann Regional Manager West . Branch Manager