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Pressure-grouted anchoring

Securing everything.

Stump-Franki is one of Germany’s leading anchor manufacturers. For many years we have received national technical approvals for single-rod and strand anchors systems. Stump-Franki’s Duplex anchor is the first permanent anchor to be approved in Germany. As a result, many prominent buildings in the country, including the heritage-listed 72,800m2 pavilion roof of the Olympiastadion in Munich, have been secured with Stump-Franki Duplex permanent anchors.

Strong yet flexible.

Our range of single-rod and strand anchors can’t be beaten in terms of flexibility. We have achieved anchor strengths of up to 7,500kN in previous projects. A prominent example is the renovation of the Edertal dam wall with 104 permanent anchors and a working load of 4,500kN. Using our special re-injection systems, we are able to provide strong anchor strength even in cohesive soils.

Research and development.

Pressure-grouted anchors, or ground anchors, are the perfect example of Stump-Franki’s outstanding knowledge and many years of experience in drilling and grouting techniques, and how these enable us to tap into new areas of application. Using the knowledge gained from exploratory drilling to obtain multi-layer soil and rock information, we are constantly addressing the challenge of producing ever higher anchor strengths with appropriate planning and monitoring in the most difficult soil conditions. The invention and ongoing development of re-injection techniques is a key example of our pioneering work in ground construction engineering. 

Our anchor systems are fabricated within our own group of companies. Our customers can be confident in the knowledge that our products are developed under the same roof, from production through to installation.

Your contacts for pressure-grouted anchors.

Northern Region
Markus Wenke Regional Manager North . Branch Manager
Eastern Region
Patrick Günther Regional Manager East . Branch Manager
Southern Region
Wolfgang Wiesnet Regional Manager South . Branch Manager
Western Region
André Schürmann Regional Manager West . Branch Manager