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Simplex piles

For rapid construction progress.

FRANKI Simplex piles are an affordable in-situ concrete driven pile that we use as a deep foundation element on a wide variety of construction projects. Suitable projects include:

  • Logistics centres
  • Industrial buildings
  • Crane runways
  • Wind energy installations


Environmentally friendly.

Full soil displacement means FRANKI Simplex piles actually improve site subsoil conditions. There is no need to transport extracted soil material, reducing transport and disposal costs. Simplex piles have also proven to be particularly successful in construction schemes on contaminated sites. Moreover, Simplex piles can also be used as energy piles.


Simplex piles are very quick to fabricate. Under suitable conditions, therefore, they are particularly suitable for foundation works where a large number of piles or long bond lengths are required in load-bearing soils.

The advantages.

  • Typical load rating up to 2,800kN
  • Full soil displacement
  • Good resistance and settlement characteristics
  • Very high load-bearing capacity


Your contacts for Simplex piles.

Northern Region
Thomas Cramer Competence Centre Foundation Technology
Eastern Region
Patrick Günther Regional Manager East
Southern Region
Jürgen Christ Head of Acquisition Foundation Technology South
Western Region
André Schürmann Regional Manager West