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Steel pipe piles

Versatile applications.


Steel pipe piles are particularly well-suited to foundation reinforcement works on existing buildings in limited space, where the existing construction limits the available working room. Steel pipe piles can also work well to complement other piling systems in difficult-to-access sections of a construction pit. Other possible applications include use as a subsequent, additional foundation element, for example on an existing power pole or under a bridge construction.


The light weight of the pile driver and transference of energy to the foot of the pipe mean these piles can be fabricated with low emissions of noise and vibration. In contrast to other procedures, no rinsing liquid is required – and so the working area remains clean and dry.

Full soil displacement means there is no need to extract any soil materials, which prevents any breaking-up of the soil. This pile system has also proven to be particularly successful in construction schemes on contaminated sites.


The dimensioning and fabrication of steel pipe piles is conducted in accordance with DIN 1054 and DIN EN 12699.

Your contacts for steel pipe piles.

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Thomas Cramer Competence Centre Foundation Technology
Eastern Region
Patrick Günther Regional Manager East . Branch Manager
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Western Region
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