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Stump compact anchors

For rock and soil.

Compact anchors, also known as pressure-grouted anchors, can be used for a wide variety of applications. One of the most common uses of this method is the temporary securing of construction pits for a period of less than two years. 

Permanent anchors such as stranded compact anchors are used with demonstrable success to anchor pavilion roofs, bridges, slopes and supporting construction works. However, this technique can also be efficiently and economically applied to smaller projects. One example of this is the pylon anchoring system of the pavilion roof construction of the all-weather swimming pool in Velbert. 

Compact anchors are also commonly used in bridge construction. The construction of the Kylltal bridge is one such case, in which the dispersal of force from the cantilevering construction required the use of 58 anchors on each side with resistant strength of 2,700kN each. On one side of the bridge abutment, the necessary foundation anchors could only be fabricated on a level much lower down than the subsequent foundation. As a result, the anchors had to be extended by approximately 7m after fabrication, in a similar manner to the creation of a coupling point, as is known from prestressed concrete. The entire work process was extensively monitored at the coupling point for quality assurance purposes.

Approval (PDF): Compact anchor for rock and soil (Z-34.11-224) (only available in German)