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Stump HLV pile system

High loads, fast installation.

HLV piles are pipes made from ductile cast iron, assembled from partial lengths to create the total pile length. The partial lengths are connected using dedicated ductile cast iron pile sleeves or special coupling parts and then driven into the soil with pile drivers. The ramming process creates a rigid, form-fitting and friction-locked connection. Depending on the soil quality, a spike tip or ram shoe may be used to insert the pile.

The so-called ductile piles may be used either grouted or non-grouted and as pressure or tensile piles. They can be fabricated vertically or on an angle and inserted to depths of up to 55m.

Der Einsatz sogenannter Duktilpfähle erfolgt entweder verpresst oder unverpresst als Druck- und/oder Zugpfähle. Zudem ist ihre Herstellung vertikal oder geneigt bis zu 55 m Tiefe möglich.

HLV piles are available with the following specifications:

  • Diameters of 118mm and 170mm
  • Load transfer of up to 1,400kN

Approval (PDF): HLV-Pfahl System Stump (Z-34.25-203) (only available in German)