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Wiki Special Civil Engineering

We are a full-service provider in specialist civil engineering.

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Economical and secure

We always carry out assignments in line with the individual building task at hand. The choice of the method depends to a large extent on the prevailing geological conditions such as stratification of the subsoil or groundwater levels, the existing spatial conditions on site, and planning constraints.

Comprehensive solutions for complex requirements

In addition to implementing individual subsections, we also offer comprehensive solutions. As a general contractor, we handle complex construction projects and coordinate tasks that go beyond the scope of specialist civil engineering.

Our expertise for your safety

Benefit from our decades of expertise in specialist civil engineering and problem solving skills – especially when it comes to challenging construction tasks. As a responsible general contractor, we are an experienced advisor able to provide you with expert support, even in the event of unexpected problems, and ensure successful completion of your project. We have the entire range of specialist foundation engineering methods at our disposal.

Our advantages

  • In-house technical staff
  • In-house specialist equipment
  • All methods from a single source
  • Planning with a 3D model

Your contacts

Region North Markus Wenke Regional Manager North . Branch Manager
Region East Patrick Günther Regional Manager East . Branch Manager
Region South Wolfgang Wiesnet Regional Manager South . Branch Manager
Region West André Schürmann Regional Manager West . Branch Manager