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The perfect shoring for your project

Construction pit walls secure construction pits against collapsing, soil slippage, water penetration and erosion. In this way, they protect existing buildings, roads, pipelines, working areas and people from disruption and danger.

Our specialists install construction pits according to the individual construction task. The choice of shoring depends largely on the prevailing geological conditions such as strata sequences, groundwater levels, local site conditions and planning constraints.

Depending on these conditions, we produce construction pit walls as flexible or low-deformation shoring systems and using separate casting and/or capped construction methods.

We offer the following shoring options:

  • Diaphragm walls
  • Cut-off wall with inserted load-bearing elements
  • Bored pile walls
  • Soil mixing method
  • Sheet-pile walls
  • Soldier pile walls
  • Grouted walls
  • Jet grouting walls
  • Jetcrete walls
  • Soil nailing

If necessary, we can also add support systems and base seals to construction pit walls using

  • Anchors
  • Reinforcements
  • Injection floor slabs
  • Jet grouting floor slabs
  • Underwater concrete floor slabs
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