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Stabilisation of a historic city wall in Aachen

Injection work for masonry refurbishment

Injection work for masonry refurbishment. © Stump-Franki

In Kornelimünster near Aachen, the up to ten-metre-high bank retaining wall of the Inde River at Napoleonsberg had to be rehabilitated. The preliminary investigations proved that the retaining wall was in poor condition and its stability could no longer be proven. The old natural stone masonry was freed from roots, partially renewed and the entire wall was repointed.

For the injection work, Stump-Franki relied on mixing plants and injection containers with highly developed technology. All essential production parameters were recorded and were thus available for the subsequent computer-assisted evaluation. In this way, Stump-Franki ensured safe implementation at a consistently high level.

Building in existing structures is always a special challenge. In the current issue of the Stump-Franki reporrt - Building in Existing Contexts, you can find out how the construction task in Aachen was mastered and what other solutions the experts at Stump-Franki offer.