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Consulting and planning

Economical . Secure . Economically Sound.

Our in-house specialist engineers will work with you to develop optimised construction pit and foundation solutions tailored to the requirements of your project. This is how we guarantee that your individual building can be created economically and sustainably.

Planning competence.

Our services range from design planning to approval planning to implementation planning. If desired, our experts can also take over the entire planning process. We always choose the most suitable method for your project when it comes to excavation pits, deep foundations, subsoil improvement or underpinning. As a full-service provider, we can offer all technical procedures of foundation engineering neutrally and from a single source. We will find the best solution for you.


We minimise risks for your construction project through the consistent use of 3D planning and Building Information Modelling (BIM). This allows us to identify the many interfaces, e.g. with underground supply lines or existing neighbouring buildings, at an early stage and avoid collisions, especially in inner-city construction projects.

Reduktion von CO2-Emissionen.

Wherever it makes ecological sense, we show alternative foundation concepts, such as the redesign of large bore piles to displacement piles.


  • Significantly less concrete consumption
  • no need for disposal of drilled material
  • fewer truck transports
  • a massive reduction in CO2 emissions
  • In addition, the groundwater-compatible design of soft gel injection bases with bio-soft gel, without the use of cement - an environmentally friendly technology, with an improved CO2 balance.



Consulting and planning in foundation engineering
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Contact partner.

Building foundations Denis Ivkic Division Manager
Deep foundations Jens Wasner Division Manager


Ensuring quality requirements is a top priority at Stump-Franki. This is also evidenced by our certificates and approvals. In order to always be up to date, our certificates and approvals are reviewed and updated on a regular basis through external audits and independent certification companies.

In addition, independent companies, such as Deutsche Bahn AG, confirm our skills and actions through prequalifications and special recognition.

All certificates, approvals and memberships can be found here: