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Sheet pile walls

Pressed, vibro-compacted, or driven

We use sheet pile walls to secure breaks between different terrain heights and construction pits, or as a seal, for example against water or contaminated soils. Steel sheet piling with an interlock seal is almost impermeable to water.

In order to seal off the bottom of the construction pit against rising groundwater, we bond sheet pile walls with surrounding soil layers with a low water permeability or with artificially produced sealing slabs.


General areas of application include:

  • Constructing shore stabilisation structures, quay walls
  • Construction pit enclosures, also in water bodies
  • Slope and embankment stabilisation
  • Shafts


  • Sheet pile walls provide a high degree of safety due to their excellent sealing qualities.
  • There are a variety of profiles available. This allows the sheet piling to be flexibly adapted to the specific requirements of the construction site.
  • The method is low on resource consumption, as the profiles can be extracted and reused.
  • Low-impact installation methods mean that sheet piling can also be used in inner-city areas. Hydraulic jacks and state-of-the-art high-frequency vibrators are used for this purpose.
  • Sheet pile wall production is resource-friendly, no soil needs to be extracted.
  • The site facilities require very little space, and the execution does not depend on weather conditions.

Basic facts

Standards and regulations

Sheet pile walls are designed and manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 1054 and the recommendations of the “Construction Pits” Working Group (Empfehlungen des Arbeitskreises "Baugruben", EAB).


The sheet piles are vibro-compacted into the ground with frame leaded high-frequency vibrators. A range of steel profiles are available for this purpose. The individual sheet piles are friction-locked together by interlocks and form a continuous wall. Sealing tapes, bitumen grouting and additional welding can be used to achieve a very high degree of watertightness.

If the neighbouring buildings are particularly vulnerable, sheet piles can also be gently inserted into the ground using hydraulic jacks. If there are no requirements for noise or vibrations, especially heavy profiles can be installed quickly and economically using the corresponding pile drivers.

From a certain excavation depth, the sheet pile wall must be secured to prevent severe deformation. This is done by installing chording on the side facing the construction pit, which is then tied back into the soil with grouted anchors. If anchors cannot be used, the chording can also be shored on the inside.

Sheet-pile wall with chording

Quality assurance

We ensure high execution quality with:

  • Individually coordinated instructions
  • Compliance with the requirements of DIN 1054 and the recommendations of the “Construction Pits” Working Group
  • eDtailed manufacturing logs
  • Clear processes via our quality management system in accordance with DIN EN 9001:2015
  • Regular oscillation readings
  • Lock detectors that ensure that the individual piles are connected by interlocking joints (tongue and groove).

Design variants

The following variants are available:

  • Free-standing sheet pile wall
  • Sheet-pile wall with chording and anchoring / bracing

Selected reference projects

Sheet-pile wall
Rehabilitation of a canal trough bridge . Schwarzach