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Stump composite pile system

Small but strong.

The Stump composite pile system can be implemented as a single-rod pile for pressure and tensile force up to 2,574kN. Sections of round bar with rolled thread ribs on both sides are arranged along the length of each pile as a supporting element. Composite piles can be coupled together for economical use in confined spaces with ceiling heights up to 2m. 

The rolled thread ribs create a friction-locked connection between anchor sections and anchor nuts, connecting individual pile sections with threaded sockets and improving the composite effect on the surrounding cement stone in the force transmission area. The profiling of these supporting elements means they can be precisely positioned in the pile head area and the desired length of pile protrusion can be achieved with approved connecting elements. With encapsulation applied as per the general building approvals, composite piles can also be used as tension piles to a load bearing capacity of 990kN. 

The construction method used for these piles enables them to be successfully fabricated even with minimal building heights of approx. 2m. Piles can also be constructed with the facility for subsequent re-injections for targeted improvement (post-grouting injections) of the surrounding soil in the force transmission area.

Approvals (PDF):