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Stump stranded pressure pipe anchors

Light load, plenty of strength.

Pressure pipe anchors such as the Stump stranded pressure pipe anchor are also known as pressure-grouted anchors. The anchoring force to be transferred to the ground is transmitted from the steel tension member via a steel pressure pipe from the anchor foot to the grout body, from which it then passes into the subsoil. A viscoplastic corrosion-protection encapsulation is used to backfill the remaining space between the steel tension member and the pressure pipe.

This anchor system combines the significant flexibility of stranded supporting elements with optimal force transmission via the pressure pipe.

Moreover, Stump stranded pressure pipe anchors can be used successfully in limited space conditions.

Approval (PDF): Stump Litzendruckrohranker für Boden und Fels (Z-34.11-205;) An application for extension has been made (only available in German)